About Us

Headhunt Korea, a founding member of KESCA (Korea Executive Search Consultants Association), has been maintaining its reputation for excellence ever since its establishment in 1999.

Why must it be Headhunt Korea?


The professional and capable consultants of Headhunt Korea capitalize on their combined expertise to seek out the most qualified candidates and make recommendations. Recommending and recruiting the talented people who meet the exacting needs of our clients requires a professional and systematic approach.

Time saving and easy data collection

The professional consultants of Headhunt Korea not only utilize the well-organized and extensive DB which has been built up over the past 10 years, but also intensively invest their time working with domestic and overseas networks and using a variety of search methods to find the perfect candidates. Accordingly, the HR departments of client corporations will save time and gain access to a far more diversified pool of talented people than if they try to recruit for themselves.


If you work with Headhunt Korea you will have no worries about leakage of important secrets. We at Headhunt Korea recognize the crucial importance of strict confidentiality and protection of the proprietary information of our clients. Accordingly, we protect the privacy of both our corporate clients and individuals.

Headhunt Korea makes use of the diverse knowledge and information we have accumulated over the years about various industries to correctly understand the requirements of each industry and as a result we are able to confidently recommend the best people. By doing so Headhunt Korea has firmly established itself as a leader in the job placement industry.

From today Headhunt Korea will become your reliable HR partner.