Headhunt welcomes all clients and jobseekers to visit its office.
Everyone at Headhunt extends their heartfelt wishes
for a happy and healthy life for all those who visit the office.

6th floor, SeongBo2 Building, 432-6, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

82-2-557-2700, 0505-500-1919. 82-2-565-0062, 0505-660-1919. hk@heandhuntkorea.com
82-2-557-2700, 0505-500-1919.
82-2-565-0062, 0505-660-1919.


Line No.2 Seolleung Station 4th Gate Walk 6minute [About 100M between the KAIT Building (Starbucks on the first floor) and the Toad Building]


Bus Stop: Korea Asset and Trust, Renaissance Hotel (23306)
Coach Bus: G (Gyeonggi Bus)1100/G1700/G2000-1/G7007/G8001

Bus Stop: Tomato Savings Bank, Renaissance Hotel(23809)

Bus stop located in front of the KAIT bldg.


From Seolleung Station, go straight for about 200M towards Belle Sands Seoul Hotel (Renaissance Hotel)
Turn left into KAIT building and enter the first alley on the left.
Continue straight ahead for about 30M and then park your car on the left side of the building (1F Café LEBEAN)
You can come to the 6th floor of Seongbo II building in diagonal direction.

* Please note that the building parking lot is narrow and parking is at another building.