Provided Services

To provide a total recruitment service, highly qualified human resources,
such as professionals and managers, are vetted objectively and systematically.
As a global headhunting company, Headhunt leads the industry.

1. Executive Search Service

Clients request our Executive Search service when they need to fill a position above middle management that requires a special set of professional skills; or public corporations or other enterprises may request our services when they need to find a specialized consultant for objective and reliable advice.

2. Recruiting Service

If you want to hire a large number of people, or if you do not have enough HR personnel to handle large scale recruiting, you can take advantage of our services. You can use our services to concentrate on your core HR management activities, and therefore quickly hire a large number of talented people for maximum results.

3. Reference Check Service

As it is difficult to judge a candidate’s competency or personality by a document review, interview or personality/aptitude test alone, this service will help you to more deeply review the candidate by tactfully obtaining references from the candidate’s previous boss, coworkers, subordinates or friends before making a final decision.

4. Career Consulting

Consultants with more than 15 years of experience provide solutions with top-level expertise to
help new job seekers and those currently employed develop and manage their careers, prepare
resumes, improve interview skills and plan for the next phase of their lives.